Inga Moren: Luz Marina, I'm So Excited!

Inga Moren is a joy to have in the edit studio. She’s a vibrant character who knows how to articulate her thoughts and feelings on any subject. She works as an editor, writes, and directs experimental film. She’s also worked on camera crews, post-production processing, and so much more. Originally from Colombia, she currently makes money from Universal Studios.

Inga brought her new film Luz Marina an experimental short that explores the cults of modern day and the popularity of reality television that we have lived with since the turn of the century. The film moves through spaces and ideas rapidly presenting scenes that bridge the audience from idea to idea, almost like a dream in fast-forward.

Afterwards we were pleasured with the viewing experience of a Pedro Aldomovar film, I’m So Excited! A silly, colorful, and melodramatic film. It recounts several characters on a plane voyage. The story jumps in-between from pilots in the cabin, to the stewards, and the passengers. The film is filled with drinking and bold characters.

Inga’s knowledge of film history and unique vision on what the medium can be helped make this episode especially introspective, not only on the films she presented, but also of the possibilities of using film as a storytelling device itself.

Olga Loginova: Volte, Sacred Leaves

Olga Loginova is an incredible collaborator  and artist who speaks poetically and with no filter. She is a director, producer, and cinematographer who recently graduated from Columbia where she learned to make scientific documentaries. Originally from Belarus with Russian roots, she has chiseled her vision of a storyteller through rigorous training in Germany, China, and the U.S.A., as well as by traveling and reporting across continents.

She chose the stunning short film Volte, a 10 minute coming of age documentary from Poland. Olga talks about how she resonates with the film because “as a child  I danced, and very soon I became too tall. I was lagging behind because I was too big, too big, too big.” This film is made in the Slavic school of teaching “where every shot is perfect.” Olga describes this film as “the difference between trying to document something and art. This is art.” This eastern European documentary that was picked up by the New York Times Op-Docs.

Olga also brought her feature Sacred Leaves The documentary is about the wonders of the Amazon rainforest and the constant destruction it faces for human profit. Olga talks about how her interest in the Amazon grew from how climate change in Brazil changes people’s lives as it does in her own ancestral lands of Siberia. There are countless adventure stories from her seventeen days of shooting, which she covers in addition to discussing characters who come “once in a century,” and what surprised her most. She shot the film before the wildfires hit, and offers insight into the many sources of deforestation that led to the rainforest’s current state. She plans to return to Brazil in the winter to show the film.

Olga herself is a character who comes once in a lifetime, and we were thrilled to have her international talents. Enjoy the episode.

Andi Obarski: Overslept, Thelma

Andi Obarski is a cinematographer who brings a great mixture of lightheartedness and practical insight to us not only on this podcast, but also on set. She is a hard worker and a team player more knowledgeable than most.

For her short film Andi chose “Overslept” which is part of an internet series called “Countdown.” The unifying element between each short in Countdown is a character dealing with a serious time constraint. Andi describes the series as “scrappy, Brooklyn indie filmmaking at its finest.” She chose this 4 ½ minute short because there is no dialogue which created a welcome challenge for her as the film's cinematographer. The audience talk with Andi about the type of lighting used, bystanders who didn’t know they were on a film set, Andi’s feelings about what ended up on the cutting room floor, and more.

The feature film is Thelma, an LGBTQ supernatural thriller directed by Joachim Trier. Andi chose the film for its stunning cinematography, and also because “it’s kinda gay. I like that. I like gay things.” We do too, Andi. We do too.

RSVP or inquire at about hosting Feature & a short or attending one of our podcast viewing parties. 

Mack Williams: Freddie Gibbs - "Michael Jackson's Return to Gary, IN," What About Bob?

Georgia native Mack Williams makes everyone laugh for hours with his stories and film choices. Mack is a graceful director and animator who makes working feel like play. His versatility in the commercial world as well as on creative content is always a notch above the rest. He works on a creative level with a fine knowledge for quality post-production on lower budgets. On top of that, Mack makes an incredible drinking partner. Even if you disagree with his tastes, you can’t help but want to listen to what he has to say. He graces us with his knowledge of animation workflow as well as stories of creating various cartoons for Cartoon Network, Pitchfork, and Showtime.

Mack chooses a short animated documentary that he directed called “Michael Jackson’s Return to Gary, IN.” It’s based off a true story told by Freddie Gibbs for the series FRAMES. For the feature he presents “What About Bob?” Mack discusses Richard Dreyfuss’ role in the film and why he makes it great. For more info on Mack, check out the Facebook page for his company Pig Apple. Additional music credits to Sun Nectar. Theme music by Salitros’ Riding Rainbow.

Shonali Bhowmik: The Hike, Valley Girl

In this episode, Nashville native Shonali Bhowmik graces us with her humor and interesting stories. Shonali is one of the most charismatic people you will ever meet and is always working on a bunch of artistic endeavors. An incredibly thoughtful person of many talents, she has a network of friends and collaborators that surround her at all times. She's a frequent collaborator with us for the live podcast she hosts with Christian Felix called We Don’t Even Know, and is the director, lead actor, writer, and producer of Sardines Out Of A Can, a film Fourwind helped make before Fourwind was even a company. You can check out her band Tigers and Monkeys, who recently released a new music video. Shonali is also well known in the internet comedy world for the group Variety SHAC which began as a comedic quartet consisting of Shonali, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Chelsea Peretti. During the discussion Shonali celebrates women in film, and sheds light on Variety SHAC’s influences on various comedians in the industry.

For the feature, Shonali brings the Martha Coolidge film Valley Girl. She discusses the casting process for the film that lead to Nicolas Cage playing the lead male. For her short film, she chooses the SHAC’s latest release, The Hike. The episode is a laugh riot and full of references to movie inspired snacks.

Claudia de Candia: New York City Smells, Nights of Cabiria

Italian born actress, Claudia de Candia, presents New York City Smells, an experimental short shot with an international cast and crew. She shares her experience changing roles the day of the shoot and working with a director who does not speak her language. Then Claudia shares The Nights of Cabiria, a film by Federico Fellini, Italy’s most famous director and one of Claudia’s biggest influences. We discuss the work of Fellini and Italian actress Giulietta Masina, who married Fellini after starring in some of his radio plays, and continued to act in his films throughout her life.

Claudia is a theatre and film actress who will star in the upcoming short film, Prologue. She works in Milan and New York. Follow her life and stories on instagram.

Justin Joseph Hall: Long Distance, The Science of Sleep

Justin Joseph Hall presents Long Distance, a one-minute short he directed and released in 2016. The short features Isabel Restrepo and himself as a couple in a long distance relationship. He shares his choice behind excluding dialogue (hint: it has to do with him co-starring in it) and the spontaneity of its origins. The feature film is La science des rêves or The Science of Sleep, directed by Michel Gondry. Discussion centers around the use of foreshadowing and dream sequences in the film, as well as Gondry's other work.  

Justin is an independent film director and editor, and the owner of Fourwind Films. He's currently in post-production for his first documentary feature, Frames of Reference, a multi-continental effort that explores localized education across the globe. He is also in post-production for a short narrative, Prologue, and an internet documentary series. Keep up with him and the dogs in his life and other themes on Instagram.

Bruce Lithimane: Échappé, Postman Blues

Creative director and cinematographer from Iowa and a film buff, Bruce Lithimane presents at Fourwind headquarters. Échappé was his choice for the short.  It stars Olesya Senchenko and was directed by Allison Mattox.  Bruce was Second Assistant Camera and Steadicam Operator for the short which is a visually incredible Russian ballet story.  Bruce takes us through the struggle with a camera rig and dance with ballerinas.  Next he took us through the Japanese mixed genre feature film, Postman Blues.  It is a funny and sometimes disturbing flick that Bruce wants to rewrite into a modern Brooklyn based adaptation.

Follow Bruce's vision through his lens on instagram.  Also shout out to VidMob who let us borrow Bruce from his normal duties in the office as lead talent acquisition.

Gary Jaquez: Abuela's Luck, Children of Men

Gary Jaquez is a freelance Cinematographer based in Los Angeles.  He shoots with Fourwind often.  He was the Cinematographer on our last 2 short films.  Gary chose to present Fourwind's latest release, Abuela's Luck.  He takes us through wearing multiple hats and creative decision making on set.  He also flips the table during the event discussion and asked other people present about their roles in Abuela's Luck.  He then takes us through his hero Emmanuel Lubezki's famous Children of Men and gives us further explanation on why he's an important role model for a Latino in Hollywood.

To follow Gary's future set escapades, check out his instagram for Behind The Scenes shots on his major projects.  The next short film he worked on, Prologue, will be released by Fourwind Films later this year.

Gladys Mae Murphy: Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall, Pumping Iron

An editor who was a part of post-production teams on multiple Oscar nominated documentary shorts, Gladys Mae Murphy, takes us through 2 films linked by her mentor, legendary editor Geof Bartz.  Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall was the first film she presented, which was made by a small film team she was a part of and was nominated for an Academy Award.  Gladys takes us through the director's toils of creating this film about how to handle death in prison.  We then lightened the mood with Pumping Iron, a look into the unique world of body building, a fun film centered around a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body building prime.

Gladys is an incredibly hard working editor who dives into her projects for months.  Much of her work, including Prison Terminal, are featured on HBO's streaming websites.  To see the latest by her check out her website.  She is currently working in collaboration on another documentary in conjunction with DCTV and HBO.

Stephanie Gould: Dreaming, Mural Murals

Originally from Australia, Stephanie Gould, a post-production expert, brought to Feature & a short an impressionistic experimental film she shot in 8mm titled Dreaming. This piece in its debut was projected alongside a live dance performance, but for the podcast Steph replaced the live dance piece with a song by Akiva Zamcheck who performed a live soundtrack on the guitar.  Shortly after a discussion we watched Mural Murals by Agnès Varda and enjoyed some Mexican pastries to accompany the L.A. flavor of the film.

Stephanie does animation, coloring, and editing in a wide variety of films and has had much of her own visual work featured at film festivals and live events.  Along with her film, she captures City Skins in photo formats.  To see more of her visual work visit her website at

Michael Fequiere: Kojo, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Michael Fequiere, a Brooklyn based filmmaker and photographer presented this month. The first presentation was Kojo: A Short Documentary directed by Michael about the gifted 12-year-old jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney. The feature presentation was 2008 Documentary Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. Because the feature presentation was a Canadian production, the audience paired the film with shortbread cookies and Canadian beer.

Michael's short films have screened in numerous festivals both domestic (L.E.S. Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival) and worldwide (Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival: Short Film Corner). To learn more about his work, visit his website at 

Uta Seibicke: Last Christmas, Good Bye, Lenin!

Welcome to Feature & a short... there is only one condition for screening, the presenter must have been involved in one film, but not the other... Uta made Gluehwein.  Uta, "...I was fortunate to have people help me, without getting paid... they're working people... he's worked in films for, like, 20 years.  And he did that for me as a favor... I didn't cast my actors... one audition... I realized I don't want to do this... even the girl who was playing the woman... I am East German.

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Steve Girard: Lisa Bass' Unreleased Short, Asphalt Watches

Director, Animator, and Actor, Steve Girard presented.  One was an unreleased film by Lisa Bass that Steve played a minor part in.  Steve brought director Lisa to the event and we discussed her film.  Afterwards we watched a Canadian road trip animation feature called Asphalt Watches.  We had burgers and drank beer and whiskey.

To watch more of Steve's films check out his Vimeo page entitled "steveeatsworms."


Elizabeth Chatelain: Sundogs, Certain Women

Beginning with a summary of the podcast, our first episode features Elizabeth Chatelain who presents her short film Sundogs and Certain Women by Kelly Reichardt.  The films both are about women in the plains in the West of the United States.  Sundogs takes place in North Dakota and "Certain Women" takes place in Montana.  We also talk about the food that we serve during these films for the event.

To find more information about where to watch Sundogs, please follow Elizabeth Chatelain on instagram and Twitter for updates on screenings of Sundogs.  If you want to watch Certain Women, you can find where it is available to stream or download here