Justin Joseph Hall: Long Distance, The Science of Sleep

Justin Joseph Hall presents Long Distance, a one-minute short he directed and released in 2016. The short features Isabel Restrepo and himself as a couple in a long distance relationship. He shares his choice behind excluding dialogue (hint: it has to do with him co-starring in it) and the spontaneity of its origins. The feature film is La science des rêves or The Science of Sleep, directed by Michel Gondry. Discussion centers around the use of foreshadowing and dream sequences in the film, as well as Gondry's other work.  

Justin is an independent film director and editor, and the owner of Fourwind Films. He's currently in post-production for his first documentary feature, Frames of Reference, a multi-continental effort that explores localized education across the globe. He is also in post-production for a short narrative, Prologue, and an internet documentary series. Keep up with him and the dogs in his life and other themes on Instagram.

Gladys Mae Murphy: Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall, Pumping Iron

An editor who was a part of post-production teams on multiple Oscar nominated documentary shorts, Gladys Mae Murphy, takes us through 2 films linked by her mentor, legendary editor Geof Bartz.  Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall was the first film she presented, which was made by a small film team she was a part of and was nominated for an Academy Award.  Gladys takes us through the director's toils of creating this film about how to handle death in prison.  We then lightened the mood with Pumping Iron, a look into the unique world of body building, a fun film centered around a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body building prime.

Gladys is an incredibly hard working editor who dives into her projects for months.  Much of her work, including Prison Terminal, are featured on HBO's streaming websites.  To see the latest by her check out her website.  She is currently working in collaboration on another documentary in conjunction with DCTV and HBO.