Stephanie Gould: Dreaming, Mural Murals

Originally from Australia, Stephanie Gould, a post-production expert, brought to Feature & a short an impressionistic experimental film she shot in 8mm titled Dreaming. This piece in its debut was projected alongside a live dance performance, but for the podcast Steph replaced the live dance piece with a song by Akiva Zamcheck who performed a live soundtrack on the guitar.  Shortly after a discussion we watched Mural Murals by Agnès Varda and enjoyed some Mexican pastries to accompany the L.A. flavor of the film.

Stephanie does animation, coloring, and editing in a wide variety of films and has had much of her own visual work featured at film festivals and live events.  Along with her film, she captures City Skins in photo formats.  To see more of her visual work visit her website at