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Name     |     Brooklyn, NY     | Ricky +1-201-481-7897 | Justin +1-651-328-3585

Aerial Photography, Album Artwork, Animation, Art Direction, Assistant Directing, Assistant Editing, Branding, Camera Operation, Cinematography, Color Correction, Compositing, Conforming, Consulting, Content Marketing, Commercial Photography, Creative Input, Creative Direction, Digital Photograph Editing, Directing, Drone Operation, Editing, Electrician, Equipment Rental, Event Capture, Foley, Gaffer, Graphic Design, Grip, Icon & Logo Design, Liability Insurance, Live Music Recording, Location Scouting, Merchandising, Mobile Application Interfaces, Motion Graphics, Movie Posters, Music Mastering, Music Supervision, Online Services, Pitch Decks, Photography, Podcasting, Production Logistics, Scripts, Post-Production Supervisor, Producing, Production Assistant, Production Insurance, Script Budgeting, Script Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Storyboards, Storytelling, Transcription, Translation, Video Consultation, Visual Experience Design, Website Design, Writing +